A couple of simple yet gorgeous digital skull paintings by Robert Carter. We found these two skulls on his Deviant Art profile which has loads of really good painterly portraits if you are into that kind of thing. Robert Carter is a professional artist/commercial illustrator from

This may not be a recent skull mural from the mighty Meggs but we share still  share it all the same. Love the work of Meggs for his powerfull and energetic style that is instantly recognisable. Originally found on Designspiration.

Skin Deep was the skull submission by London-based artist and designer Mr Gresty. We were delighted that Mr Gresty submitted this piece and exhibited, alongside an illustrious list of artists, at Celebrabis Vitae. Mr Gresty regularly hosts a number of art shows in and around East

This pen and ink skull illustration called 'Slack Jaw' is simply another skull creation for no other reason than to draw. Who knows maybe after collecting some digital dust it will make an appearance somewhere. For more illustrations like this be sure to check out our

This fantastic skull was created on a scratchboard. Now that may sound simple enough but reading E-Tahns description on how she created this piece makes it sound like a war of scratchboard attrition. The white scratchboard was painted black, scratched, painted, shaded , scratched, inked,

With heavy detailed creations, human parts and machines one can only compare the work of Transmit and Receive with the late GIger. But where Giger was an airbrush master of nightmares, Transmit would surely have been a worthy acolyte with his

  While looking through a wondrous display of illustrations by Shotopop I noticed that there were various skulls dotted about. So in good SAS fashion and needing only a hint of a reason to share their amazing work, please welcome Shotopop. Shotopop is

Mr Lister certainly sounds like a busy fellow, being that he's a graphic designer by day and artist and vinyl toy customiser by night. Like they say, there is no rest for the wicked and in Lister's case that would be

Xrista Stavrou is a digital artist we found on the Saatchi Art online gallery and shop. Xrista creates many variations of skull art using illustration, digital components and photography. Her work has an elegance to it which is consistent with every piece and

Sometimes the best skulls are the simple ones and you don't get much simpler than these beautiful, gritty, black and white photographs from Sarah Bartell AKA Little Lioness. I rarely go one to Flickr these days so it was great to visit

We posted about talented South African artist Nicola from Calavera before and since then she created this wicked embroidered felt skull inspired by some work by our other half Mr Four Fingers. We feel pretty damn honoured and impressed. Of course this was not the only

Andrey Skull is a Bulgarian tattoo artist with a ridiculous talent for drawing and an especially keen talent for drawing skulls. All his drawings are created with mechanical pencil (0.5 lead). I imagine most have have been converted