Wolf Skull Jack not only has wolves in her repertoire but also a load of fine looking skull pen drawings. Wolf Skull is the artist pseudonym of Michelle Harvey, a freelance artist living in England. Wolf Skull Jack has a portfolio

These delightful cardboard-cutout skeleton mannequins are from Hans Boodt, a Dutch-based, global mannequin supplier. The main skeleton mannequin, or dude as we call him, goes by the name of KNAAPJE. A true gent and scholar obviously.

On one drunken night in East London we spied a mischievous little skull through blurry eyes. The skull I’m referring to was a vinyl sticker created by Skeleton Cardboard. We were fortunate enough to find

Walking skeletons are part of our fun Halloween traditions. Each of these bony characters balances a wine glass to entertain guests at seasonal celebrations. These skeleton wine glasses are available to buy from Pottery Barn. 3.25" diameter, 9.25" high; 13-ounce capacity Skeleton stem is handmade of zinc

This is Full Throttle, a rather unusual skeleton coffee table, and Skelemental's first piece of furniture. Full size skeleton busts, one being strangled by the other. Bronze skeletons on a brushed steel base. Limited edition of just three sculptures. Pretty amazing talent here!

Big Boner is a limited edition toy birthed from the mind of Ron English. It measures 21cm tall and is made from clear/white double-cast Japanese vinyl. This was sculpted by T9G and limited to 150 pieces, all signed by the man himself. Visit the Propaganda store

Can’t quite tell if this is a real skull cat, as in dyed fur or photoshop. I rather like the idea of a skeleton cat running about the neighbourhood. Found on Designcrush

This free skeleton wallpaper has kindly been made available by Noah Scalin from Skull-a-Day. It is called a Skeleton Damask pattern and is now available as a DIY PDF download! Noah Recommends: "To make the repeat pattern you'll need to make two copies of this stencil and

The above “design maquette” , another term for scale-model, shows a skeletal sculpture of a figure wearing an Asian conical hat. Evan Campbell sculpted this skeleton out of Klean clay and it is called 'Blind Dead'. Evan is a freelance sculptor living in California with

This digital painting of a horned skeletal figure by Telthona reminds me of the white walkers from the Game of Thrones. I reckon Telthona's icily evil ' Whisperer' is fit to be their king. If you are into fantasy paintings then be sure to go

HR - FM is a Japanese digital illustrator residing in Yokohama specializing in comics and games for the North American market. There are no designs in his portfolio that feature the skull as a main focus but I did stumble across these two skeletons

Some absolutely stunning paintings from Dan Quintana. Having a look through his Tumblr I found an image of a woman and what seems to be a loose ink skeleton clutching her from behind, which I quite like. Turns out this was the

I recently watched an interesting documentary about face removal transplants and how incredibly hard they to pull off (no pun intended). A recent success was about a woman that passed out and when she awoke she found that her dog had chewed the lower part

These candles come with a twist, which you only discover when the candle starts to burn. Reykjavik-based designer Thorunn Arnadottir, creator of time-stopping clocks and warm-blooded radiators, is now launching her latest project: melting kittens. Perfect timing for Halloween, Pyropet is a cat candle. As you you burn the cute

Aryz, the self-proclaimed painter-of-walls, is one of the biggest names in street art right at the moment and creates the most amazing work. His work is generally massive which normally covers the side of whole buildings. This piece, featuring a skeleton can be found in Cologne,