If you ever watched the movie Blind Fury and thought 'Fuck yeah I want a walking stick sword' then look no further. Not only does this walking stick come with an optional blade but the stick is also topped with one good looking sterling silver

This creepy and possibly awkward to carry Memento Mori Watch was created by Thomas White circa 1780. If you are like me and you have no idea what 'circa' means, I can tell you it stands for 'around' as in around that time as specific

When I initially saw this skull on Luxury Launches I thought  "Oh that's a nice shiny little skull'. After reading more I realised that this skull is actually massive and by that I mean 8 feet tall and weighing almost 500kgs. The fleur-de-lis pattern that

This little tyrant was created by Alexander McQueen, the skull master. Skull ring created from silver tone brass with onyx horns, Swarovski eyes and a fricken mowhawk. Expect to pay $280 if you can find it as there are no store links where I found

Can't seem to find where you can buy this from on Monica Tsangs blog and her link take you to another blog in a language I don't recognise. So happy hunting if you decide to track the Knife Skull Stand. Image found on Monica Tsang