This eerie-looking skull rock sclupture is by the artist Luis Garcia Vidal and is about death, obviously. His work sits peacefully, quietly watching over the valley in the Parque de los Desvelados, Navarra, Spain, despite the elements and any would-be vandals. Unfortunately I cannot find

These magical crystal skulls are sculptures from They look great, and if you are into that sort of thing, can provide certain healing properties through the type of stone/crystal they are. is one of the world's leading distributor of crystal and gemstone skulls,

In my search for some skull action I went searching through the popular skull sites (we are not the only ones of course) and my search took me too Obsessed With Skulls, which is a great skull blog BTW. This skull was created by 3D artist Meats

this origami skull sculpture was sent to us inn the comments section from a recent post about an exploding skull. The skull has been created by Christopher Yuki Itoh. From the look of his Tumblr blog he loves a bit of origami, and even teaches

This compressed moulded Cocaine Skull by Diddo, titled Ecce Animal, is doing the rounds at the moment and definitely deserves a mention. The skull has been put together using gelatin and street-sourced cocaine, which is roughly 15-20% pure. The actual process of the making of this

I often trawl our twitter account, @Skull_Society, and search for #skullart so that I can Retweet the skull love to our followers. This particular Skull Rock Sculpture is from trashyvintageglamour's Instagram, and is a beautiful installment in any garden.

This bizarre typewriter skull was created by artist Jeremy Mayer. The skull is titled Skull I and is made from vintage typewriter parts. As with all of Jeremy's creations, the skull was assembled with various typewriter parts and are bent, screwed and bolted into place - no welding