Every now and again I'm blown away by someone's incredible imagination. This is one of those times. Whilst posting about Scourgee999 I saw that he posted about a guy called Haas Style Art and his wondorous

    Whilst spending a good portion of the morning looking for real human teeth, as you do, I realised we have not yet posted about Scourge999. Scourge999 is the Instagram ' handle' or whatever it's called is for the owner of the 'Skull Shoppe'. This guy has

These small resin skulls are created by Brownister Hen and are entitled Waste. The name is derived from the process in creating these skulls as the waste is the left over resin from his paintings (last image) that is then poured into a mould, creating

Freelance artist Meg Coleman has some fantastic skull sculptures or in her words 'Skull-pture' (Nice one!). She is presently interested in the "beauty of the remnants left after life'. That is probably one of the most beautiful sentences I have read. Meg currently has two forms

I have seen this Donald Duck skull a short while ago but has since taken me ages to post about it. This cartoon Duck  is called Dunkelheit which I think means 'Darkness' and is created from painted resin. Having a look through Jiri Gellers portfolio

Ok it's not actually called this, but the hair does remind me of the Sweet Tooth from the  twisted metal gaming series. This faux bronze resin bust can be found over at Tom Spina Designs. This flaming skull is a sculpture by Robb De Nicola