We are, of course, great fans of the comic book bad guy Red Skull. But it seems our level of admiration for Red Skull falls far short with that of Henry Damon’s unadulterated fascination. This Venezuelan man has taken body modification to an extreme with

Doug shared one of these skull images on our Facebook page and it got a great response so I thought we needed these skulls on our blog for the rest of the world too see. These comic book skull illustrations are Mike Mitchell's take on

You would not really know it from the Captain America movie but Red Skull, Captain America's arch nemesis, is actually ranked as "IGN'S 14th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time". (Wicki). But we are here today to show you this awesome illustration of Red

This red skull t-shirt is available to buy from Fangoria, an internationally distributed US film fan magazine that specializes in the horror genre. If you find out they are still selling this skull t-shirt then please do let us know.