This brilliant Slipknot Skull print was created by Keepsake Design and is the Official screenprinted poster for Slipknot's performance in Hamburg. Germany on February 8, 2015. This design was created as part of their 'Prepare For Hell' 2014/2015 European Tour and is the second gig

This cute little skull print, from Lecloutordu, is made up of little cartoon characters and was created in collaboration with Mister President & First Lady aka LeClouTordu. The French sentence below translates to 'Some who is very ambitious' hence the obscure titel of the post.

Artist Name: WANT SOME STUDIO Name of piece: LIFE, DEATH AND PRIZES Type: GICLÉE PRINT Materials used: PEN AND PENCIL ILLUSTRATION Country: UK Size: 50x70cm Price: £150 Want Some Studio is the working name of illustrator Marco Bevilacqua. Marco was introduced to us through the Mr Gresty Exhibitions which take place at

Le Marke, or Antonio Aguirre, is a Mexican based artist who loves skulls! We connected with Le Marke through Mr Four Fingers and we've definitely seen this guys skills get better and better with every piece he creates! So much so that we knew

When it comes to skull illustrations few can match the power-house that is Raf the Might. We featured in numerous times on the website and I have a feeling this won't be the last time either! Raf the Might was featured at our recent skull exhibition

Here is a A-Z Skull Print by 67 inc. It's definitely a must for all skull fans and the best way to test your knowledge! The skull images were provided by Skulls Unlimited International and starts with an alligator skull ending with a zebra skull. It's

Jim Bargas sent us this this skull artwork and asked us if we liked it enough to post it. Well Jim, here it is so obviously we liked it. I mean, what's not to like about a intricate skull illustration, which is made up of

Endless has created another interesting skull print and I'm happy to be able to share it with our society of skull lovers! I've also been noticing some of his street art in East London round the Brick Lane, Old Street and Shoreditch areas and would