We Skelevex this amazing faceted skull design by Skelevex quite a while ago and it’s back again. This time you can buy one of these little boneheads, called ‘Skelevex Bare Bones. I was hoping they would be a little bigger, especially for

Tavo Montanez is a multi faceted freelance illustrator/designers from Mexico. Amongst his pen creations you can find some wicked looking skull drawings. One of these is a polygon skull covered in drawings of worms and decay. I think this was a

I'm defiantly on a faceted skull spree with the latest batch of posts. The faceted bug has bitten and and can't seem to stop. This latest offering is a large scale, well I guess it's an sculpture of sorts as it's made from numerous pre-formed

I rather like the evolution from simple polygon forms, that 'grow' in various stages, to  eventually depicting a smooth human skull. These polygon skulls were created by Matthew Day Jackson who is a multi-faceted artist hailing from Panorama City California. He currently lives and works