Tim Tadder's hauntingly beautiful photo series, Las Muertas, pays tribute to the Day of the Dead. The choice of skull-painted women pays subtle homage to the festival’s Aztec roots where Mictecacihuatl, the goddess of the underworld, was worshipped. Mictecacihuatl became the

This photographic series by Japanese student-artists Ayako Kanda and Mayuka Hayashi, from Musashino Art University, shows intimate x-ray portraits of couples and depicts human intimacy but without warmth. The images are cold & clinical but I can still feel and see (obviously) the intimacy in these shots. The human

These beautifully shot black and white images by Patrick Gries feature a collection of skeletons (and skulls of course). Patrick received helped from a number of natural history and veterinary museums in France and Monaco to put the series together. I love the stark contrast of the

Steven Quinn, a Belfast-based artist, is a motion graphics designer who also likes to dabble in the world of photography, design and making collages. These skull collages are a small part of his series which I recently found on Juxtapoz. The skull collages below appear to

Found this skull image online on another Tumblr blog where the masses of Tumblr folk have once again not bothered to credit the artist/creator/photographer. Cheers guys, YOU SUCK! Here it is anyway. It's a bit odd but it's  a powerful image complete with animal skull and