Skeletubes is an ongoing series of hand-painted vintage vacuum tubes by Noah Scalin, founder and creator of Skull-A-Day and successful mixed media artist based in the US of A. Most skull-obsessive fanatics would've come across Noah's work at some point in their

This free skeleton wallpaper has kindly been made available by Noah Scalin from Skull-a-Day. It is called a Skeleton Damask pattern and is now available as a DIY PDF download! Noah Recommends: "To make the repeat pattern you'll need to make two copies of this stencil and

[embed][/embed] Name of piece: Natural Selection Series - Darwin Type: Limited Edition Print Edition: 10 Price: £700 Framed Size: 50x70cm Sold as a set of 2 Buy Natural Selection Prints - Darwin Noah Scalin’s work explores the theme of transience – specifically the temporary nature of individual lives and the tenuous nature of all

Street Anatomy and Skull-a-Day recently celebrated Skull Appreciation Day by holding the FACE OFF Exhibition, where artists were allowed to submit a skull and then it was dissected in half and joined with another skull, from a different artist to bring you an amazing collection

I know I have mentioned Noah Scalin's skull work before, a few times, but it's hard not too when he's so active and talented when it comes to his creative and design influence of this iconic motif. His skull font, called the Skullphabet, featured in