And without further adieu here is the video from our inaugural skull art exhibition - Celebrabis Vitae which took place on Halloween earlier this year. Thanks very much to Oliver Lavery-Farag for filming on the night and editing the video for us! And again, big thanks

This pen and ink skull illustration called 'Slack Jaw' is simply another skull creation for no other reason than to draw. Who knows maybe after collecting some digital dust it will make an appearance somewhere. For more illustrations like this be sure to check out our

If you guys have ever visited our Mr Four Fingers and SAS shop you will know we have a massive skull t-shirt called Chaos Rules, which was originally a skull pen drawing. As with other artists I love seeing process images of how pieces were created,

We posted about talented South African artist Nicola from Calavera before and since then she created this wicked embroidered felt skull inspired by some work by our other half Mr Four Fingers. We feel pretty damn honoured and impressed. Of course this was not the only

We've got a selection of skull t-shirts here which we created through, Mr Four Fingers. They are all original illustrations by Doug Henderson, the artist behind MFF, and are a mixture of direct-to-garment (DTG) and screen prints and are all limited edition

This is another pen and ink skull drawing from our other half Mr Four Fingers . This is a dip pen and indian ink drawing which was recently submitted for selection to be made into a sticker, to be part of s sticker book. We

Cold Reality is a beautiful blue faceted skull illustration by artist Jordan Smith from the United States. I believe the skull is made up of 1842 triangles and I love the execution. It reminds me of some of the work by the artist behind Mr

From time to time over at Mr Four Fingers we create a 'Face Skull' portrait of someone, generally friends and this time it's our friend Tarryn. This is a hand drawn pencil portrait, with all black being Indian ink, watercolour and acrylic. These Face Skulls

So in the spirit of busting our own balls over at Mr Four Fingers we decided to create illustrated business cards (Luxe from Moo). The cards are printed one side with our hand logo and the reverse has our details with a blank space left

We've recently launched some new faceted skull t-shirt designs over at our Mr Four Fingers online shop. The faceted skull illustrations were created by Doug, the illustrator behind all of our designs. The girl's t-shirt is a small in the image below. it was meant

We, through Mr Four Fingers, originally started this blog through our love for skulls. We love creating skulls through illustration, painting and sometimes even sculpting and this latest one is called Mind Hive, which was created for our exhibition What Lies Beneath. The piece was finally