Great looking Piston Skull, carved from/into an actual piston. According to other blogs this skull is indeed for use as shifter. Yes, this is a good idea. Found via the superb Skullspiration

Hailed as India’s Damien Hirst, Subodh Gupta certainly knows how to make some big ol skulls. We posted about his massive metal skull made from various kitchen utensils a few years ago. It’s only fair that we share some more. We stumbled

This 3D printed lattice skull was ‘printed’ out of metal. Basically layers of metal powder is fused together by the laser, layer by layer. The result of this partcular lattice skull is a phenomenally intricate design. Found on Reddit

It may not be Damien Hirst's  'For the Love of God' but this shiny skull is pretty cool all the same. This Metallic Skull costs only $29.95 and is available from Z Gallerie. Originally found on Apartment Therapy

Yes you read that correctly. Here we have, one massive, beer bottecap skull. Though the core is foam, the 'skin' as it were is made from hundreds of bottlecaps. We initial found out about this unusual skull on the blog called Green Diary, where they

Johanna Silvester is a Kenyan born artist who created this awesome sand cast aluminium Lion Skull. This skull is based on an actual lion called Scaramanger! He was the pride male on Loisaba Wilderness between 2001 and 2003. Loisaba Wilderness is a conservation project in

With Halloween fast approaching it's time to start thinking of some ideas and if you are like us then I'm sure you don't have any yet. So being skull lovers it seems only right that we represent! So here are a few Halloween skull Mask

This Stainless Steel Skullhead by Huck Gee weighs a hefty 30 pounds and will set you back $1700. There were only five made, so if you could get your hands on one now, expect to pay more. Stainless steel skullhead found on Individual Sole