Dental phantoms are such incredibly fascinating historical pieces that we, Mr Four Fingers, just had to draw one. This dental manikin is based on a real life version over at Museum Oddities. We have posted about this superb website before and we recommend you check

  About time we added these skull stickers to the Society. These are great looking, sinister and macabre all rolled into one. Created by skull fiend, Defame. These are not only fine looking but also thick, durable and cheap as chips. Visit Defame's

This fantastic skull was created on a scratchboard. Now that may sound simple enough but reading E-Tahns description on how she created this piece makes it sound like a war of scratchboard attrition. The white scratchboard was painted black, scratched, painted, shaded , scratched, inked,

Abacrombie Ink is the alias of Brazilian born artist Hugo Silva. Hugo has an immense array of skulls, most of which are embellished with his stylistic stippled approach. His dark creations are reminiscent of arcane

German-born artist, Hedi Xandt, created these beautiful "skull-ptures" using a variety of materials. The skull-ptures combine the aesthetics of naturally shaped bone with state-of-the-art and experimental production techniques. Why haven't we blogged about these before?!  This is macabre, interesting and frightening all the same time. Enjoy!

I'm absolutely blown away by these oil paintings by Charlie Immer and these few skulls are only a glimpse of what this man has to show. At a glance his work seems bright and friendly but soon you realise there is a whole lot of

Skull-styled rings are all the rage at the moment, and why not. The shape of a skull works perfectly with the style of a ring and these Macabre Gadgets rings are fine examples of that. The rings are handmade with an industrial material and mass production,

Subtly wicked and dark skull illustrations by Total Lost.  By the looks of it most illustrations are printed on high quality 150g paper with a small white border for framing. They also have a skulltastic Mickey Mouse to wear proudly on your chest.