These skulls combine two natural wonders, the marvel of human anatomy and fractals, into a single piece of art. These elegant pieces are anatomically correct human skulls decorated with fractals--computer generated patterns found everywhere in nature. Each skull begins as a digital, 3D model of a

We love a good skull and we love a good Kickstarter. This is a realistic skull mug cast in English finest bone china created by Alfred Designs. Using 3d printing of skull scan data & hand modelling to deliver high detail. Fund this skull mug project

[embed][/embed] One of the hardest things to achieve in life is to do something that you love and get paid for it. And that's what I love about Kickstarter Projects - they make the impossible possible. It gives me great joy to share with you a

Nir Chehanoswki, from Studio Cheha, came up with a brilliant lamp design named “Bulbing.”  It tricks your eyes with a clever optical illusion and of course we were drawn to because of the skull lamp design. When I'm rich and famous I'm ordering 10. Bulbing’s round base emanates light

A fellow skull lover is trying to set up his own business and needs our help. We know how tough it is getting funding for personal projects, through Mr Four Fingers, so we could only oblige when they told us their story. SkullF*cked is an