This 3D printed lattice skull was ‘printed’ out of metal. Basically layers of metal powder is fused together by the laser, layer by layer. The result of this partcular lattice skull is a phenomenally intricate design. Found on Reddit

Oh God I feel like I'm going cross-eyed looking at this Hope and Glory Skull and I like it! Skull poster  created for a conceptual circus called Hope and Glory by Simon Birch. You can also see more of Simon's work here on his website.

Chaos Rules Skull Screen Prints and T by us, Mr Four Fingers, and although we are slightly biased, seeing as though we created them, we can safely say that these skull prints are pretty cool. We created these on an induction day at Print Club London and are extremely happy with how the prints they have come out. They have also been one of our most popular prints in our online shop and come in black and orange. We’ve also started printing them on T’s, for us and a few of our friends.

I think next step is to print these on either A2 or A3 and to use this design on our up-and-coming range of T’s.

We got the T printed by Digisin, who have their own range of T’s plus they do custom prints for other artists. It looks great and we recommend them if you want to get some of your own custom T’s printed.


Chaos Rules Skull Screen Print – Black

The blurb on Kollectible Kulture states these are "custom drawing of Hugh Rose". So not sure if these are self portraits of Hugh Rose or simply images he has drawn. Whatever they are they are pretty cool. Since I bookmarked this it seems that Kollectible Kulture are