A lot of Steve Kim's work is result of subtraction or extraction, depending on how you view it. He often focuses on sections of humans, skulls and situations to give those moments new meaning. Though most Steve's work is based on real people and situations,

This series of illustrations, titled Death or Glory, has been created by Behance Artist Tomasz Majewski. I particularity love the contrast between the skull and the roses and/or blood. See more of his work here - I also love his 'Tribute' series which are illustrations from

These amazing A3 illustrations have been created by Deviant artist Michelle Harvey. The detailed pen illustrations have a gritty feel to them and the stylised-imagery is powerful. My personal favourite is 'Within Us' and it is also a very piece of personal art by Michelle, and it

These brilliant Aspirin Ads were created by Berlin-based creative team - art director, Jacco Prüsmann, copywriter Katharina merhaut and illustrator, Michael Mantel. The ads look at what happens inside your skull when a headache occurs, well in a conceptual interpretation of the idea. The ad