Every now and again we find some truly inspiring skull sculptures. We at the Skull Society welcome the superbly talented Bruce Mahalski from New Zealand. This man certainly knows how to awe us with his skull and bone creations. Bruce creates amazing bone and skull sculptures

We have a project on the horizon that involves skull sculpting. So the logical place to look for a video tutorial is YouTube of course. This video by YT user 3DworlD2 (no more info in ‘About’ section) shows you just how much effort goes into

  Artificial Cranial Deformation or head flattening/binding is a form of cranial modification where the head is bound to elongate the skull. This is genuinely the strangest human behavior I have seen and the result can only be described as 'alien'. The skull is

Sometimes the best skulls are the simple ones and you don't get much simpler than these beautiful, gritty, black and white photographs from Sarah Bartell AKA Little Lioness. I rarely go one to Flickr these days so it was great to visit

This smashed human skull is said to be the horrifying result of a mace to the face. Anthropologists believe that the man who received this shattering blow did indeed survive as there is evidence of medical intervention in what can only be called medieval brain

Alexander Pearce was a notorious Irish fellow with a taste for theft and human flesh and his story sounds like the script of a film starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Well there was a movie called The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce but it didn't star him.

This is another pen and ink skull drawing from our other half Mr Four Fingers . This is a dip pen and indian ink drawing which was recently submitted for selection to be made into a sticker, to be part of s sticker book. We

A woman in Sweden is being charged " disturbing the peace of the dead" by stashing human bones for sexual use. Now I can imagine a femur being used as a phallic device but a skull? Does the skull watch? This woman from Gothenburg denied all

Random Flickr find has unveiled these sexy skulls photgraphed by Christina Chirtes. The image of the broken skull would make a great large scale painting or print. Be sure to check out the rest of her Flickr photos, there may not be more skulls but

If you are like us and have always fancied owning a real human skull, other than your own, then check out these skulls at The Taxidermy Emporium. There are loads of human skulls , most without mandibles and many without teeth. What is really interesting

Pretty grim thinking that this person was alive when this was happening to their skull. The left over carnage is morbidly beautiful. Found on various blog and such so feel free to comment so we can credit the institution that owns this skull.

There is something entirely creepy about a human skull that still has hair on. This photograph can be found on Fine Art America and can be printed on a variety of products like canvas prints, greeting cards, art prints, framed prints, acrylic print and metal

We have posted a few times about chocolate skulls and every time I have to daydream about what it would be like to munch into one of these. One day I say! These particular chocolate skulls are brought to you by Black Chocolate Co. These delicious

I'm sure most of us have seen the innocently erotic graphite and oil paintings from Audrey Kawasaki but now we at SAS have the chance to share some of her that feature skulls. As with all her paintings the female figure is always central to