It's only natural that when we come across amazing talents that they get to make our skull wall of fame multiple times. Smug One is one of those talents that I'm sure will be making more then two appearances (check out last blog here!). The scale

The Consumer, a Pacman inspired piece, is by street artist SHOK-01. SHOK usually creates street art/graffiti which contains bones and inside the iconic Pacman-like figure is a skull. The meaning of the piece is quite literal and is aimed at all of us, including SHOK himself,

I spotted this skull street art at Corbet Place, near Brick Lane London, while having a beer after work. The sun is finally making an appearance and when drinking I always recommend outside areas, and Corbet Place has a lovely little outside bar. If you're

I've had these pictures sitting in my Dropbox for months, but the street art is still there, and can be found on Cheshire Street just off Brick Lane, so thought it's about time I pulled finger and gave these skulls a mention. Dscreet does loads

Pretty intense skull murals and art by Hungarian street artist Fat Heat. He has a superb array of images in his portfolio and many crazy skulls strewn about. His 'About' section is quite a refreshing read, no bullshit and pomp, just passion. Fat Heat's art

Mr Ojey 80 is another skull appreciation lover and sent us his collection of digital skulls on Facebook. I promised to share them and why wouldn't I. They are skullarific. Mr Ojey is also a skilled graffiti artist and you can check out his blog

Amazing skull graffiti by Australian born artist Ian Strange AKA Kid Zoom. Apologies as I didn't bookmark the source of the above image.       Image from Flautones Flickr account Image from Charp Flickr

Screen print design created by Australian graffiti artist Meggs. Image found on Prefuse and this print my still be available for purchase on Everfresh Studio, but they are currently udpating their shop. I have a feeling they will be sold out as this print was