Yes you read the title correctly. This is indeed a levitating skull. This strangely alien looking floating faceted skull levitates with the use of magic. Wait, I mean magnets. Which are pretty much magic. This levitating skull is called 'Ankou Gold', meaning ‘magnetic levitation’. The

The other day we (Mr Four Fingers) were given the opportunity to mess about with spray paint and of course we started by spray painting skulls.  I have always been keen to try spray paint but wanted to find an area large

This creepy ghostly skull called Wrong Turn was created by deviant artists Lost Knight Kg (or Lostknightkg) and is a combination of two photographs that have been layered onto each other. One layer is a photograph in a forest and the other is a diamond

Some dark skull action from Jonathan Foerster on Depthcore. His highly layered and textured digital designs are dark fantasy worlds where I wouldn't mind visiting. Jonathan also has his on website called 'At Least We Dream' which is worth a visit.