We Skelevex this amazing faceted skull design by Skelevex quite a while ago and it’s back again. This time you can buy one of these little boneheads, called ‘Skelevex Bare Bones. I was hoping they would be a little bigger, especially for

This skeleton costume with gold skull polygon head has a few surprises. But I will let you watch the video to see what I mean. It’s fucking creepy. The skull is made from paper/cardboard with a movable jaw. The eye sockets feature pulsating green lights

This simple but oh so ever beautiful 3D poly skull is created by Italian digital artist Error 23. This skull is also available as a print in various forms on the seemingly ubiquitous Society 6. This 3D poly skull is only available as a landscape print.

I'm defiantly on a faceted skull spree with the latest batch of posts. The faceted bug has bitten and and can't seem to stop. This latest offering is a large scale, well I guess it's an sculpture of sorts as it's made from numerous pre-formed

This gorgeous little faceted skull is called Skelevex and is the result if a collaboartion between Alto and DMS. I found this on TOYSREVIL and this far I can't see a purchase link as it was only recently launched at Alto is the studio name for

This black faceted skull called Digital Vanitas is a part of the Refabriek project together with Manystudio. This skull was created by Christian Fiebig and was made as a "physical representation and a digital shaped skull. Now going by the images the last seems to be

These fragmented skull paintings are collectively called 'Doom Loop' followed by piece number. For instance the first image below is 'Doom Loop 19' and were originally created with Cel-Vinyl Acrylic (not sure how it differs from standard Acrylic?) on paper by artist Tim Biskup. I