I found some weird image of a jaw bone bone accessory the other night and of course it came from the mind of none other than Alexander McQueen. So after trying to find a better quality image, I found out more about an exhibition awhile ago called Savage Beauty. These images are from the cover of the catalogue edition and are supposedly worth a few bob. Anyway, the book has this awesome lenticular cover, where you can see Mcqueen’s face and a gold skull. Probably the coolest lenticular I have seen.

Images found on Many Cute Things.


Sometimes I see guys with such an amazing talent and I hate them instantly because they are so awesome. Ok by hate I mean love. I  Saw a post on Facebook yesterday by Eyes On Walls which alerted me to these illustrations by Hidden Moves. He is on Skull Appreciation Society because he utilises skulls in his designs in such a great way without becoming too dominant. We salute you sir!