This strange little wood skull carving is available to by from Le7Lune. It’s called ‘Marlene’ , a skulled representation of a female. It is made from wood, gemstones and sterling silver. So if you fancy this little skull lady adorning your mantelpiece then make

Goth Chic Accessories is definitely bring some style back with these unusual skull cuff links. Men in the Victorian era loved to wear macabre and scary accessories to drive away the fear of death. This is their modern interpretation of that old practice, a pair of cuff

This Rustic Skull Linocut is a hand pulled print created by Little Bunny Sunshine. As mentioned in a previous post about lino prints, these are created by inking up the original hand carved piece (carved into linoleum) and then pressing on to paper. This piece measures

This unusual looking wooden skull carving, with antlers, is called The Woodsman Urn and has been created by Etsy artist, Jason Tennant. This piece caught my eye because I have been telling Doug, the other dude who likes to post about skulls and the artist behind

This set of Skull and Cross Bones Dice is from the Pirates of the Caribbean game set, I think. There is a slight flaw with these dice as there is definitely a number missing but I'm not one for complaining about the smaller details especially when

I have always wanted to use a  money clip (probably after seeing the Face Off dragon one) but the problem is you need a few bills first to make it work right! We found this Black Sugar Money Clip over at Moon Raven Design's ETSY

Dahlia Deranged has a crazy amount of sinister trinkets from rings to bracelets and even some real birds skulls set on pendants. She has a huuuge following on Facebook so make sure to check out her page to keep an eye on grabbing some new

These lovely skull rings are creations from wonderfully named Rogue and Wolf on Etsy. They have such a nice 'About' section that is more like a short and curious dark tale. You can check out their online store here. Originally found on FAB

These delightful little crocheted skulls were shared with us on Facebook by the creator herself - Dewey Decimal Crafts and can be found on her Etsy store here. They come in a variety of sizes and sets and you can also buy them in sets.

We found a selection of Skull Tote Bag from various websites. Check them out and appreciate. Skull Tote Bag by Bold Banana Black Anatomical Skull Tote Bag Skull Tote Bag by Supermarket HQ Sugar Skull Tote bag by Dress Wicked