Vero Navarro, a Madrid-based illustrator, has created this playful print series, titled Hipster Bones, portraying a hipster with a trendy bone golf shirt. Vero combines illustration with digital techniques to execute some of her work. To view more of Vero’s beautiful work, visit

Skull Study is an ongoing series of skull drawings by Mr Four Fingers. These skull pieces generally involve silhouetted type figures with their 'faces' sliced off. This reveals a skull and concentric bands of colour. This time the colour is gold metallic paint. This

Delusion This original piece is was a blast to illustrate. Free your mind of delusions, remember to think freely and use the light of truth to guide you through the fog of lies that encompass this world.  Signed and dated on front, dated, signed and stamped on

It's so simple and yet so bloody skull-marvellous. This pencil skull collage was found on Pinterest - I searched for about 30 minutes for the artists but a man's gotta eat! Which means I needed to cook some grub. Feel free to share the artist

I'm sure most of us have seen the innocently erotic graphite and oil paintings from Audrey Kawasaki but now we at SAS have the chance to share some of her that feature skulls. As with all her paintings the female figure is always central to

Tim McDonagh has a lovely portfolio bursting with warm and detailed illustrations and as luck would have it he has some dark skull figures as well. One of these skull characters is called Lady of the Flowers (2nd image) and can be purchased as a

Glen Preece, a UK based artist who specialises in portraiture, creates these fine art skulls using pencil and/or an oily dry brush to create photo realistic drawings. Welcome to the Skull Appreciation Society Glen - we fricken love your skulls. Keep 'em coming. Fine Art Skulls