I often find amazing images on Tumblr accounts and as with most if these accounts they rarely link to the artists or provide the name of the artist. So a big thank you to Google Images as your image search thing is awesome, this way

Through Mr Four Fingers we've been lucky enough to meet some really cool up-and-coming artists in London. Endless is one of these artists and we're happy to be showing you some of his work here on the Skull Appreciation Society. Endless has a very distinctive

Some dark skull action from Jonathan Foerster on Depthcore. His highly layered and textured digital designs are dark fantasy worlds where I wouldn't mind visiting. Jonathan also has his on website called 'At Least We Dream' which is worth a visit.

Interesting skull design by James White. This fictional horror movie poster is based on the classic but vague "movie posters from the 1970's". I like the style of  this as it's a nice blend of stark shapes, hints of texture and emanating heat. Oh yes

Ok it's not a real skull made from dead jellyfish . That would be insane and actually quite cool, if not a little gross. Though this is also a pretty odd skull from the mind of Chris Dippner.

I love tesselated triangles! Looks pretty good on this Geometric Eye Candy design by Young Davies. Image found on Yellow and other inspiring stuff. Actually a pretty cool blog so check it out.