Concept artist, Kouji Tajima, brings us this sinister looking ZBrush skull creation. Zbrush is a digital sculpting tool that combines painting, modeling and 3D elements. In the hands of a pro, you get a mean looking skull like this. Kouji Tajima is currently a Concept Artist

The shiny chrome like digital skull is a part of a series called ‘Chemical Rawness’. The blue and red organic shapes that are reflected on its surface are symbols of pulsing life. This probably makes more sense when you see the skull as a part

A couple of simple yet gorgeous digital skull paintings by Robert Carter. We found these two skulls on his Deviant Art profile which has loads of really good painterly portraits if you are into that kind of thing. Robert Carter is a professional artist/commercial illustrator from

HR - FM is a Japanese digital illustrator residing in Yokohama specializing in comics and games for the North American market. There are no designs in his portfolio that feature the skull as a main focus but I did stumble across these two skeletons

This simple but oh so ever beautiful 3D poly skull is created by Italian digital artist Error 23. This skull is also available as a print in various forms on the seemingly ubiquitous Society 6. This 3D poly skull is only available as a landscape print.

I first saw the amazing detailed artwork of Brian Luong over the clothing brand Twin Serpents with his t-shirt design for them called Resilient which depicts a large 'S' shape forming a dual headed snake, the lower snake head being a vacant skull. After checking out

This black faceted skull called Digital Vanitas is a part of the Refabriek project together with Manystudio. This skull was created by Christian Fiebig and was made as a "physical representation and a digital shaped skull. Now going by the images the last seems to be

For some reason I can't get enough of skull gifs. I fricken love them! I find lots of these on Tumblr, and with most Tumblr posts people don't bother to credit the artist/creator of the image - MASSIVE #FAIL! Why not make some of your own

Mr Ojey 80 is another skull appreciation lover and sent us his collection of digital skulls on Facebook. I promised to share them and why wouldn't I. They are skullarific. Mr Ojey is also a skilled graffiti artist and you can check out his blog

I have come to recognize the style of Robson Borges through various t-shirt websites like Threadless and Design by Humans. Now we have the pleasure of introducing you guys to a couple of his skulls. He is pretty good when it comes to designing illustrations