Admittedly one of my favourite skulled figures has to be the dead spaceman. These superb digital illustrations were created by Shaun Mooney. These ghoulish fellas seem undead rather than dead. They are wearing futuristic uniforms and are definitely looking to haunt some fellow space travellers. Found

The shiny chrome like digital skull is a part of a series called ‘Chemical Rawness’. The blue and red organic shapes that are reflected on its surface are symbols of pulsing life. This probably makes more sense when you see the skull as a part

This may seem like a lazy post and well maybe it is but I had to find some way of sharing the amazing digital illustration work of the mighty Sergey Kolesov. I just spent the last 30 minutes ogling his online portfolio, constantly lifting up my

There is something quite delicious about monochromatic images with spots of colour as shown here with Hyperion (first image) by Concept Artist and Illustrator Naomi Chen. The rest of her portfolio pretty much follows suit with desaturated landscapes, darkly fantastic characters, nightmarish horses and some suited

I first saw the amazing detailed artwork of Brian Luong over the clothing brand Twin Serpents with his t-shirt design for them called Resilient which depicts a large 'S' shape forming a dual headed snake, the lower snake head being a vacant skull. After checking out