I recently watched an interesting documentary about face removal transplants and how incredibly hard they to pull off (no pun intended). A recent success was about a woman that passed out and when she awoke she found that her dog had chewed the lower part

Take a bit of this delicious skull cherry pie by EmperorOfTheDamned from Deviant Art. (If you read the last post then you know I am probably dying from my hangover so will keep this brief because I'm lazy like that). I like to think of this as a

I'm sure you have heard about Dorian Gray and his debauched lifestyle, where his sins are marks upon a portrait of his likeness, thus keeping him young and virile. The original book, written by Oscar Wilde met with much furor back in the day. This

These amazing A3 illustrations have been created by Deviant artist Michelle Harvey. The detailed pen illustrations have a gritty feel to them and the stylised-imagery is powerful. My personal favourite is 'Within Us' and it is also a very piece of personal art by Michelle, and it

There is definitely something wrong with this guy's backpack or something completely right considering there is a skull in the mix. This illustration was created by Kyle Cobban,a  regular contributor on apparel sites like Threadless and Design by Humans. He is an art teacher, illustrator

This creepy ghostly skull called Wrong Turn was created by deviant artists Lost Knight Kg (or Lostknightkg) and is a combination of two photographs that have been layered onto each other. One layer is a photograph in a forest and the other is a diamond

Benoit Polveche AKA Benalo from Deviant Art certainly has some creepy sculptural creations many of which include beautiful skulls. There is also a creepy skeletal figure with what seems like a porcelain doll face. This was a collaborative piece between Benalo and Christine Polis. Be sure