I'm kinda blown away by these amazingly detailed pen drawings of cosmic skulls by Tony of Sneaky Studios. These stippled drawings are have been created with pens (fine liners and markers I presume) and acrylic on 6" x 6" wood panels. These mind bending

One can never become bored with lovely patterned skulls as seen here with these detailed works of Kelly Merrell. Her detailed illustrations make some great greeting cards, available to buy from her online ETSY store and you could pretty much see these designs being used

Being a massive fan of geometric shapes, especially skulls, I was pretty damn pleased to stumble across this massive illusion skull tattoo back piece created by Kike Bugni (Facebook and Tumblr). Kike has a  super impressive collection of geometric tattoos so if that's your kind

We have all seen the delicately beautiful 3D printed skulls by the amazing Josh Harker and now (well then) we have the pleasure of seeing this sweet collaboration between Harker and The Sugar Lab. Until I saw this sugar skull I never know that you

Oh God I feel like I'm going cross-eyed looking at this Hope and Glory Skull and I like it! Skull poster  created for a conceptual circus called Hope and Glory by Simon Birch. You can also see more of Simon's work here on his website.

I will often spend more time than necessary banging out possible names for illustration pieces instead of telling it how it is. TWIY has no such compunctions as clearly shown in the naming of this intricate skull piece titled 'BIG FUCK OFF SKULL'. This design was

I recently  purchased some awesome Pale Horse t-shirts and as a sweet little freebie there were some pretty damn neat stickers thrown in. One of the m happens to be an awesome skull. If you are interested you can Read the t-shirt review over at

A few months ago Alex Konahin's skulls were bouncing around various blogs leaving a trail of appraise in their wake. So it seems only fitting that his amazing skulls have found their way here. Alex creates his skulls with a dip pen and ink and

If L.S.D. had an art form it would most definitely be that of Matei Apostolescu. These insane and  mesmerizing skulls have some odd, kinda futuristic, forms that I have not seen before, which leave me a little spooked and salivating. It's weird I know. Each of