With Halloween fast approaching it's time to start thinking of some ideas and if you are like us then I'm sure you don't have any yet. So being skull lovers it seems only right that we represent! So here are a few Halloween skull Mask

Jan Fabre is one seriouly talented fella with his creative flair applied to many areas, including stage direction, scuplture and designing to name but a few. Good to see that this multi faceted artist has included some skulls to his already immaculate CV. These skulls are

Subtly wicked and dark skull illustrations by Total Lost.  By the looks of it most illustrations are printed on high quality 150g paper with a small white border for framing. They also have a skulltastic Mickey Mouse to wear proudly on your chest.

Have not checked out the awesome art by Ryohei Hase in a while and was pleasantly surprised to find  one of his latest pieces feature skulls. This piece which remains untitled is powerful and only upon close inspection can you see that the creature is

Some dark skull action from Jonathan Foerster on Depthcore. His highly layered and textured digital designs are dark fantasy worlds where I wouldn't mind visiting. Jonathan also has his on website called 'At Least We Dream' which is worth a visit.