Great looking Piston Skull, carved from/into an actual piston. According to other blogs this skull is indeed for use as shifter. Yes, this is a good idea. Found via the superb Skullspiration

This skull masterpiece was sent to us by Ilya Andor and is a beautiful piece of art symbolising this once majestic beast. This carved skull reminds me of a number of other variations of a similar technique we have shared before, but this carved

This shiny black obsidian skull was tracked back through numerous Tumblr accounts to what seems to be the originators, Skullis, who we have featured a few times. I can't seem to find the actual link to this skull as there are hundreds. This skull measures 5.3

One of our previous posts showed some insane skull carvings on buffalo skulls available from Beachcomber (Yorkshire, England) has smashed out almost 200K Stumbles on StumbleUpon (not sure if that sentence is correct). Anyway, they are awesome. We have posted a few times about these amazing

This coconut skull has found it's way into the dark folds of the Skull Appreciation Society and we all welcome you. This fiendish mask-like skull was carved by skull nut (badum tish) Scott Middlehurst,  a self taught artists hailing from Canada. Scott has made me

Tired of small paperweights? Then why not splash out on this hand carved skull made from bamboo leaf agate. It weighs about 2.8 kgs, is a one-off design and will burn a $1250.00 size hole in your pocket. Can be purchased from Stone Age Sedona

These cute wood skulls (that's what I said) are created from pine with a lid that uncovers a secret compartment. Well maybe not so secret but it's still cool. I know what quite a few people would use this for. These carved wood skulls are available

These evil looking skateboard skulls were created by Beto Janz as a way of spreading the word of a skate shop called Ultra Skate that he was promoting. Yes it's advertsing but we do a similar thing with Mr Four Fingers in our own Left

This transformation mask, carved from cedar wood, is inspired by traditional Native American masks. These masks are normally used in tribals dances with the outer mask being an animal visage that opens to reveal an inner carved human face. This is Anthony Santellas version and

The Asmat Tribe, from Irian Jaya Indonesia, collect and worship ancestor skulls to remember their deceased family members. The tribes all decorate the skulls differently, in this case the Asmat Tribe use feathers, seeds and carved sea shell rings to decorate their skulls. We found these