The World's largest Gummy Skull weighs in at an impressive 5 pounds, is 100% edible and contains a staggering 7000 calories. I will have 2 please. Gummy Skull is handmade in USA and is available in cherry, raspberry and grape for $39.99. This is same website

We have all seen the delicately beautiful 3D printed skulls by the amazing Josh Harker and now (well then) we have the pleasure of seeing this sweet collaboration between Harker and The Sugar Lab. Until I saw this sugar skull I never know that you

We have posted a few times about chocolate skulls and every time I have to daydream about what it would be like to munch into one of these. One day I say! These particular chocolate skulls are brought to you by Black Chocolate Co. These delicious

This colourful skull created by artist Jim Riswold pokes a playful finger at Damien Hirsts 'For the Love of God' diamond encrusted skull. This donut sprinkle version is called 'Make Believe Damien Hirst For The Love of God' is available for purchase as a limited