One of my favourite apparel brands, AnyForty, known for their collaborative illustrative work, have this wicked skull in their closet. Duo De La Muerte is a colourful skull creation by the talented Tom Mac and is available as a pullover hoody. There

Add a splash of colour to your home with this bright geometric skull and bones print called ' Cubic Skull One'. This geometric skull was created by Rock That Horse and can be purchased as a A3 print from their online store for €24. Originally found

I'm sure you have heard about Dorian Gray and his debauched lifestyle, where his sins are marks upon a portrait of his likeness, thus keeping him young and virile. The original book, written by Oscar Wilde met with much furor back in the day. This

If L.S.D. had an art form it would most definitely be that of Matei Apostolescu. These insane and  mesmerizing skulls have some odd, kinda futuristic, forms that I have not seen before, which leave me a little spooked and salivating. It's weird I know. Each of

It's like someone went a bit mental and made a tartan skull. Well it's sorta tartan made from matches by  a fella called David Mach. Originally found on Dude Craft.