Goth Chic Accessories is definitely bring some style back with these unusual skull cuff links. Men in the Victorian era loved to wear macabre and scary accessories to drive away the fear of death. This is their modern interpretation of that old practice, a pair of cuff

This tiny little Warthog Tusk Skull was carved by Mark Noll Designs and has been placed on Quarter for scale - Mark, like us, definitely has a healthy obsession with skulls and we love it. Check out Mark's website for more skull-related goodies.   

In our endeavor to bring skulls to the people we often find a fair amount of carved skulls. It's now becoming apparent that there is a large community of talented bone carving artisans in Bali. These hand carved items are often carved into

Pretty grim thinking that this person was alive when this was happening to their skull. The left over carnage is morbidly beautiful. Found on various blog and such so feel free to comment so we can credit the institution that owns this skull.

I have found Bone Clones website to be the most comprehensive source of reference for all things skull and bone. They have an assorted collection of human skulls and a cracking range of animal skulls. They are all replicas and can be purchased though expect some to be quite expensive. I say this not truly knowing what goes into the process of creating a replica. I will one day buy a skull!