Liking this alternative chiseled skull art by Georgie Seccull. I initially thought it was chiseled into a crumbling wall but now I’m not so sure. Now that I think of it, could possibly be metallic spray paint on eroded/treated foamcore. Either way it looks good. Georgie

This skull sqube is a gunmetal grey and is a , well I guess it's an ornamment. Though this one cleverly interlocks to form a larger skull thing! It measures 4x4x4" and will set you back $44.99 from Rotofugi Originally found on Vinyl Pulse

This shiny black obsidian skull was tracked back through numerous Tumblr accounts to what seems to be the originators, Skullis, who we have featured a few times. I can't seem to find the actual link to this skull as there are hundreds. This skull measures 5.3

What better way to start the year than by donning a skull ring. Ok wait there are a few other things that are better. This black crowned  skull ring with rhinestones can be bought from No Fashion Way (get it?) for a total of €9.

These evil looking skateboard skulls were created by Beto Janz as a way of spreading the word of a skate shop called Ultra Skate that he was promoting. Yes it's advertsing but we do a similar thing with Mr Four Fingers in our own Left

Found this simply intricate (yes that's what I said)  maze-like skull on Baubauhaus, created by Partel Oliva. Not sure what it was for  as a tried checking out Partel's  website only to find information on wedding decorations.

Now this is what I call a lavish collection of skulls. The cheapest skull you can purchase on Lion and Sons * is the Original Skull in Black/White at a solid $12,500 (no gemstones) and goes all the way up to the Divora Skull in yellow gold with white sapphires at a cool $34,000.

I wonder if you can add a lightbulb to these and turn them into ludicrously posh desk lamps. Though it might look a little out of place on my cluttered desk among ink pots and stained coffee mugs.

* UPDATE – Lions and Sons does not seem to exist anymore.


This creation by MARTA seems to be a remote control car with a whiff of steampunk. Stick on a camera & speaker and this mobile skull can be used for trick or treating in those high risk urban areas.


I’m in no way condoning the use of speakers in crammed public spaces like trains and busses because that shit is just annoying.. But if you insist or are bombing about town on your bike then you might as well rock out with one of these portable skull speakers by Boom Botix. They have a mad array of choices and prices range from $45 to $75.

Originally found on Mountain Bike Tales.