I you love skulls then chances are you will have heard of Paul Alexander Thornton. His work is some of the best ballpoint pen action you will see and often his work has ink splashes and stains that add warmth, texture and life to many of his pieces.

Check out his Facebook profile as he updates quite regularly.

Now this is what I call a lavish collection of skulls. The cheapest skull you can purchase on Lion and Sons * is the Original Skull in Black/White at a solid $12,500 (no gemstones) and goes all the way up to the Divora Skull in yellow gold with white sapphires at a cool $34,000.

I wonder if you can add a lightbulb to these and turn them into ludicrously posh desk lamps. Though it might look a little out of place on my cluttered desk among ink pots and stained coffee mugs.

* UPDATE – Lions and Sons does not seem to exist anymore.


I’m in no way condoning the use of speakers in crammed public spaces like trains and busses because that shit is just annoying.. But if you insist or are bombing about town on your bike then you might as well rock out with one of these portable skull speakers by Boom Botix. They have a mad array of choices and prices range from $45 to $75.

Originally found on Mountain Bike Tales.


Even if you don’t know the reference for this mask, as in the game Army of Two, you will probably still find it pretty damn wicked. For some reason it reminds me of Batman when he was purchasing material for his headgear.

This Army of Two skull mask, perfect for halloween, is made form ABS plastic and is only $17.95. I’m not into mask buying but that seems cheap to me. Though you might get shafted on shipping.