Luke Dwyer, an Australian-born, artist specializes in 3D illustration, Character animation & Motion Graphics Design for Television, Advertising, Film and Gaming. He has created a unique mix of digital skulls using natural and man-made elements - the textures and executions

   Eddie Yau, a digital artist from Hong Kong, created these skulls. As you can see they are quite different in their styles and execution but all as cool as each other. Looking at the info on his Behance profile it looks like the original artwork was

There is something quite attractive about the textural simplicity of watercolour skulls. These particular skulls are watercolour paintings created by Barish, an illustrator and tattooist hailing from Queretaro, Mexico. Check out more of his work on Behance.

This series of illustrations, titled Death or Glory, has been created by Behance Artist Tomasz Majewski. I particularity love the contrast between the skull and the roses and/or blood. See more of his work here - I also love his 'Tribute' series which are illustrations from

This skull sticker collection named 'Gums and Roses' was designed by Shaun Oakley, a South African born graphic designer. I spotted these skull stickers on Behance and some of Shaun's other work features skulls too so be sure to have a look at his profile. Shaun,