Out the plethora of paintings styles that exist I’m definitely drawn to the ‘painterly style’ above all. A lovely example of that style is this skull painting by the fantastic Pascal Vicollet. Pascal is known for his thick brush strokes, dripping lines and dynamic angles. All

This Killer Skull Illustration is by artists and tattoo artist - Marcus Manfredi. A humble talent, Marcus still refers to himself as an ‘Amateur Tattooer’, currently working out of Black Barock Tattoo in Barcelona. Marcus enjoys drawing and painting in addition to tattooing. His other passion

Mr Gore creates each of these eccentric skulls individually, each one bursting with personality. Fab has trained in art and design at Central St Martins College, and studied stage and costume design at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. He

Gregory Halili, a Philippines-born artist, has created this most beautiful series of carved pearl skulls. I think it works so well, not only because of the expert craftsmanship but also because pearls have a similar resemblance to bone so the skull actually looks like a skull. Funny

This eerie-looking skull rock sclupture is by the artist Luis Garcia Vidal and is about death, obviously. His work sits peacefully, quietly watching over the valley in the Parque de los Desvelados, Navarra, Spain, despite the elements and any would-be vandals. Unfortunately I cannot find

I am actually tired of seeing all the adverts and promotions etc for the upcoming Game of Thrones series. It starts next week and the hype best not disappoint - just show it already. I did however love seeing this series of illustrations by artist Robert

This unusual-looking skull sculpture is by Heath Satow, a versatile LA-based artist who specialises in sculpture - just scrolling through his blog now and his portfolio of work is diverse as it is beautiful. Heath made contact us with us through our Facebook page and I've

Cold Reality is a beautiful blue faceted skull illustration by artist Jordan Smith from the United States. I believe the skull is made up of 1842 triangles and I love the execution. It reminds me of some of the work by the artist behind Mr

These beautifully range of skull sculptures by French Artist Alain Bellino are exquisite. The designs are intricate, delicate and very interesting. Alain has loads more skulls plus a variety of other work on his website so feel free to check them out.

These amazing A3 illustrations have been created by Deviant artist Michelle Harvey. The detailed pen illustrations have a gritty feel to them and the stylised-imagery is powerful. My personal favourite is 'Within Us' and it is also a very piece of personal art by Michelle, and it

Steven Quinn, a Belfast-based artist, is a motion graphics designer who also likes to dabble in the world of photography, design and making collages. These skull collages are a small part of his series which I recently found on Juxtapoz. The skull collages below appear to

Through Mr Four Fingers we've been lucky enough to meet some really cool up-and-coming artists in London. Endless is one of these artists and we're happy to be showing you some of his work here on the Skull Appreciation Society. Endless has a very distinctive