If you are like us and have always fancied owning a real human skull, other than your own, then check out these skulls at The Taxidermy Emporium. There are loads of human skulls , most without mandibles and many without teeth. What is really interesting

This gruesomely beautiful decaying deer skull is indeed an extremely well crafted piece of sculpture cast in resin. As you can see from the detail shot, there is also some mysterious ship and motif with further script writing underneath. This deer skull, called Ne Plus Ultra,

We featured Skull Spider from artist and tattooist Resonanteye a few months back and now we are back with some more creepy skull oddities. Skull Spider is still available for purchase from her online Etsy store for £1962.32. It's pretty amazing and is probably something

If you fancy some porcelain animal skulls then head over to Oakleaf & Acorn and grab yourself one or all ( a mantlepiece covered in them is one idea). One of the options is a beaver skull with 23k gold glaze teeth. Having visited the

Found this skull image online on another Tumblr blog where the masses of Tumblr folk have once again not bothered to credit the artist/creator/photographer. Cheers guys, YOU SUCK! Here it is anyway. It's a bit odd but it's  a powerful image complete with animal skull and

This sterling silver skull ring may not be for sale at the moment but it's still great. Looks like it's gnawing the finger when worn! Originally found on Shapeways and designed by Braddock. Shapeways is a 3D printing marketplace and good to check out as there

These lovely skull rings are creations from wonderfully named Rogue and Wolf on Etsy. They have such a nice 'About' section that is more like a short and curious dark tale. You can check out their online store here. Originally found on FAB

One of our previous posts showed some insane skull carvings on buffalo skulls available from Beachcomber (Yorkshire, England) has smashed out almost 200K Stumbles on StumbleUpon (not sure if that sentence is correct). Anyway, they are awesome. We have posted a few times about these amazing

Johanna Silvester is a Kenyan born artist who created this awesome sand cast aluminium Lion Skull. This skull is based on an actual lion called Scaramanger! He was the pride male on Loisaba Wilderness between 2001 and 2003. Loisaba Wilderness is a conservation project in

Ever fancy buying some ceremonial skulls? Well now you can lay your hands on your choice of Ceremonial Monkey Skull or if  sheep are more your thing, then purchase yourself a Sheep Skull used in Tibetan Buddhist Shamanistic Rituals. Ideal Christmas gifts are they not? Both available from

I'm very tempted to buy this Werewolf Skull Bandana for use when cycling in London. I may get some weird  looks but then again it's London and there is weird shit all over the place. This cotton skull bandana measures 22"x22" and is really soft