Image Source: BioLib This skull may have the appearance of a snake skull but what you are indeed looking at is a moray eel skull. I have always been fascinated by moray eels and their ability to send chills down ones spine with their surprise attacks

As cute as a Koala seems I always think that they are simply biding their time before they attack. Seeing a Koala Skull does not help the matter much. Thankfully these terrors are unfounded as they are indeed slow moving lazy buggers who sleep a whopping

These lovely coyote skulls are hand painted with visions of the cosmos. Actual N.A.S.A photographs inspire these particular designs. Each skull is individually customized so no two are alike. These cosmic animal skulls are available to buy from Divya Taxidermy.

  There are a whole lot of strange skulls out there and this one ranks pretty high. Though this skull does look stranger than most due to the long and curved tusks. They can grow so long that they have been know to pierce the animals

Found these intricate skull linocut prints squirreled away in the design portfolio of Orla Hunter. Like her namesake these prints are skulls of predators, a tiger and a sun bear. Orla Hunter is digital Art Director and Designer from Johannesburg, South Africa.

When we initially saw this skull we thought the teeth were delicately hand carved. As it turns out these teeth belong to a Crabeater seal. These ocean dwelling creatures are medium to large, slender, pale coloured and found one floating pack-ice in and around

  These soft and fuzzy looking teddy bear skulls are based on actual reverse engineered teddy bears. Yeah, that may sound a bit mental but seeing the final product I can do with a little insanity. These skulls are made from

Faceless is a lesser God that engulfs animals and uses their skulls to represent his head. This dark creature reminds me of that creepy fella from Spirited Away who tries to consume pretty much everything it comes into contact with. I certainly like this

La Mano de Cuervo , translated as Raven's Hand (or Crow Tongue?), is a random Flickr account find of a fella with a whole bunch of lovely photography from excursions into the forest. Amongst these gems are a few diamonds, in the form of skulls. Check