Breaking news (5 years old that is): Real alien skull found in Africa. This curiously humanoid skull with distinctly extra terrestrial features is the fossilized remains found by archeologists. According to Takeshi Yamada. This otherworldy skull is the creation of Mr Yamada who is a “rogue

If you have ever watched the film Predator 2,  about "one ugly motherfucker", then you may have spied a certain alien skull in the trophy room at the end of the film. The skull I'm referring to belongs to a Xenomorph, the alien from

I'm not sure what an Alien Fisher Skull is but it's definitely not a human skull. I repeat this is not human. This skull was created by Deviant artist Nitocris by sculpting with red clay and then painting over with craft paint after firing. This

" You're one ugly motherfucker" Probably Arnie's most memorable movie quote of all time. I loved this movie, such a classic, with scenes were everyone gets blown to shit but Arnie only gets a flesh wound, even though his shoulder appeared to have a hole the