[embed]https://youtu.be/OHUgl5PtkOA[/embed]   In a breakthrough for cancer research, veterinarians from Ontario veterinary college successfully 3D-printed and implanted a titanium plate onto a dog’s skull. Patches, the dachshund in question, had a large cancerous growth growing on her skull. The rate of growth of the tumour meant there was little chance

This 3D printed lattice skull was ‘printed’ out of metal. Basically layers of metal powder is fused together by the laser, layer by layer. The result of this partcular lattice skull is a phenomenally intricate design. Found on Reddit

Today we watched a slew of shark attack videos that got us thinking. More about the beautiful creature that is the shark of course. As you probably know, sharks skeletons are made form cartilage rather than bone making it part of the Chrondrichthyes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2K_cQFyctQ A woman suffering from Camurati Engelmann's disease recently had her cranium removed and replaced with a 3D printed version. This amazing surgery lasted 23 hours and was performed by a team of Dutch surgeons. This is not the first time 3D printed elements have been

This 3D printed skull called 'Lucy Skull' , created by Mike Pelletier for an exhibition called 'Ctrl-Z that featured various 3D printed artworks. This particular 3D printed skull was generated by a dental tomography scan. The form is created by starting with a life

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEqXfEZAoww This 3D printed honeycomb skull, called 2Bnot2B created by Sam Abbott, was used as part of an exhibition where it was displayed in a glass bell jar, placed above a bowl of honey. Going from the initial concept 3D images I wonder why he

We have all seen the delicately beautiful 3D printed skulls by the amazing Josh Harker and now (well then) we have the pleasure of seeing this sweet collaboration between Harker and The Sugar Lab. Until I saw this sugar skull I never know that you