Sugar Skull Sculpture by Joseph Marr

sugar skull sculpture face sugar skull by joseph marr 2 sugar skull by joseph marr 3 sugar skull by joseph marr sugar skull sculpture head shot

We partnered with an organ donor charity called Live Life Give Life during last year’s skull exhibition, Celebrabis Vitae. The charity asked a load of famous artists to get involved and submit some of their own skulls to the show. They contacted Joseph Marr, an Australian multi-media artist living in Berlin, to send in a #skulfie and got this. A fantastic, life-sized raspberry-flavoured sugar skull in support of #TheDayoftheLiving.

Joseph is an expert when it comes to making art out of sugar so be sure to visit his website.

Here is more info on the Day of the Living Campaign, with options to sign up and donate 🙂


The Day of the Living is our new campaign to raise awareness of donation, remember those who donated, and celebrate those who are only living because of donations.

Taking inspiration from the colourful Mexican festival The Day of the Dead, in which ancestors are remembered with a vibrant and colourful festival; The Day of the Living campaign will raise awareness about the importance of organ donation with the same energy, optimism and joy.

Read more about what else is going on in their events page here. You can make a donation here or text SKUL14 £3 to 70070And if you haven’t already don’t forget to join the register.