Subodh Gupta

NEW DELHI, INDIA - JANUARY 16: A visitor looks at Indian artist Subodh Gupta's sculpture ' Mind Shut Down' that is part of Gupta's first major museum show in New Delhi,  'Everything Is Inside' at National Gallery of Modern Art on January 16, 2014 in New Delhi, India.. The exhibition traces Gupta's career from his upbringing in the rural province of Bihar to his rise to prominence as one of India's foremost contemporary artists.The show draws together his varied body of work including painting sculpture, video and  (Photo by Graham Crouch Getty Images for Subodh Gupta/Hauser & Wirth )

Subodh_Gupta_5_Clay_Skulls_ Subodh_Gupta_4_metal_Skull Subodh_Gupta_3 Subodh_Gupta_2 Subodh_Gupta_1_metal_Skull

Hailed as India’s Damien Hirst, Subodh Gupta certainly knows how to make some big ol skulls. We posted about his massive metal skull made from various kitchen utensils a few years ago. It’s only fair that we share some more.

We stumbled across an interesting article on Walker Art, written by Darsie Alexander that brought the amazing work of Gupta to our attention again. Written as a part of a journal in 2012 the article talks about a studio visit with Subodh Gupta and Bharti Kher. It was the weathered clay skulls that really caught my attention. Created in Gupta’s skull style, these huge clay skulls sit outside his studio. These glaring monsoon weathered skulls are both beautiful and slightly ominous.