Sublime Porcelain Skulls by Noon and Kolin Tribu

more porcelain skulls by NooN porcelain skull by NooN porcelain skull

French artist NooN partnered with porcelain company K.Olin tribu to produce a limited edition set set of “Cashmere Blue” porcelain skulls. This is the second lot of porcelain skulls we have featured from this collaboration. These are, without-a-doubt, some of the most sublime looking skulls we have seen – they are so beautiful! They look so fragile too, would freak out waiting for mine in the post!  

The sculpture measures 20 cm x 13 cm x 13 cm and is strictly limited to 50 pieces. Each one numbered and delivered in a custom wooden case. They are made ​​in Limoges ( FRANCE )and decorated by the artist in his studio. What makes them more special is that each one is unique as the artist creates each one individually.