Stained Skulls by David Hardy

Featured image above: ‘You’re way too close ‘ 1200mm x 800mm Timber Stain on salvaged pine VJ. On display Friday the 13th JAN – 3rd FEB at Axis Gallery for the Skullogic exhibition.

” I think you’re missing the point ” 900mm x 650mm Stain on salvaged pallet ply. Sold

David Hardy, an Australian Artist, is currently on display at Skullogic. An Art exhibition hosted by Axis Gallery and Gerrard King in Maroochydore just outside of Brisbane Australia. His Stained Skulls are created on old upcycled plywood. Needless to say we are appreciating the shit out of this talent. Head on down to the gallery in the next 3 weeks if you would like see it for yourself.