More Skulls by Paul Alexander Thornton

a3 skull drawing by paul alexander thornton ballpoint skull by paul alexander thornton colourful pen skull drawing by paul alexander thornton paul alexander thornton skull drawing pen and water colour skulls skull balloons by paul alexander thornton union jack skull

Paul has captured the hearts and minds of skull lovers everywhere with his colourful, exuberant skull drawings. This is obviously not the first time we have featured his gorgeous pen and water-colour creations from his prints to a great time-laps video, and it was high-time we did so again.

Paul Alexander Thornton works on a commission basis, we know this because we have been begging him to join the artists in our skull shop, but each piece is bespoke for the owner and created using ballpoint pen, pencil and water colour. I wonder if he will consider doing a limited edition series run just for us… hmmm (plants the seed).

Visit Paul’s Facebook here and his website is here too.