The Skulls of Magnus Gjoen

city-of-the-dead-retina delft-skull-final-retina mr-mrs-ii-m samsara-retina (1) tiger

I found Magnus Gjoen’s work on the Hang Up Gallery’s website. I love the simplicity in his presentation – a beautifully detailed object floating on a stark and lifeless backdrop. The focus is all on the piece, with no distractions around the central piece.

I visited Magnus’ website and thought the about section tied his work and vision together nicely so decided to share it. Extract taken from his biography section: “Magnus Gjoen’s prints examines how to change peoples relationship and preconceived notions of objects. It’s this misconception of beauty which Magnus Gjoen wants us to see in a different light, being it weapons, animals or the human race itself. The latter which is capable of creating immense beauty but also capable of destroying it all. Taking inspiration from street and pop art and juxtapositioning it with fine art, he creates new and modern takes on old masterpieces or manipulates something powerful and strong into something fragile but beautiful. He often questions the correlation between religion, war, beauty & destruction in his art.”