Skulls from Deadpigeon AKA Magnus Jansson

The Skull Appreciation Society welcomes one of the freshest illustrating talents I have seen in awhile. I met Magnus Jansson a few years ago but little did I know that seething below the surface was this insane illustrative skill. I was recently introduced to Jansson’s work through his colourful and crazy paintings and found out that he has started a career in tattooing with ambitions to sell his art in the process.

We recommend checking out his website Deadpigeon, a name salvaged from the days of university where Magnus used to find dead pigeon outside his house. Ominous indeed!

Magnus also has the great habit of creating a sketch every morning (7 frikken am) and most of the time he captures this process on video. Definitely worth checking out. There are talks of moves to Japan, launching Deadpigeon and living the life of the art hippie

We are happy to invite you to the Society of skulls and glad we can join you on your journey.