Skulls by Ali Gulec

You’ve probably seen us mention Ali Gulec before as we’ve featured his work on Society 6 in the past. He’s done a number of floral skulls that we’ve shown you in a previous blog but I thought I’d show you all my own personal Top 5, in no particular order.



The Room Skull is kind of similar. Ail really seems to like to play around and find what he can do to interpret these skulls in different ways. Unlike the Abstract Skull, this one is darker, with a Gothic aesthetic that can’t be denied. I love how he chose to use the window as the base, before this I would have just assumed it a picture of two cats on a table. You know how they say, “eyes are the windows to the soul”? That’s one of the first things that comes to mind when I see this now.




Now, I’m gonna be predictable and say this is a very Dali-esque piece of art. This one’s been titled Utopia Skull 1, and I think it’s actually pretty unnerving. The actual skull shows the inside of a building or at least an entrance, and the snake on the balcony just seems to sneak out of it. I have to say that looking at this one for too long does freak me out a bit, because with all those windows I can’t help but wonder if there’s a third eye on the forehead?




On the other hand, Mariachi is just cheerful. Its stained-glass effect is something I’m fond of, and I appreciate the Day of the Dead vibe it gives off. You know that this is one that you’d put up on your wall. It just brightens up my day with its warm colours and calming patterns.




I’m going to end this post with Birdie, which I purely like as it reminds me of everything I enjoyed as a teenager. This picture is how I would view my alternative music phase, and besides, the titular Birdie itself is pretty cute. So these are my five favourite pieces from Ali Gulec.




Ali’s work is diverse, and it’s this reason he’s one of my favourite artists. He’s done a lot of abstract art, with the Abstract Skull above being eye-catching and cheerful in terms of colour, reminding me, in a way, of a glam rock cover. There’s so much going on, with the skull itself shaped by everything layered over it. The eyes are the most significant part because usually, I’ve seen them as just black pits. But these eyes are very much alive.

If you’ve liked Ali’s work, I’d recommend checking out his website. He’s got some amazing pieces on there, and there are so many things that he’s created that can’t be put into just one post.