SkullF*cked on Kickstarter

A fellow skull lover is trying to set up his own business and needs our help. We know how tough it is getting funding for personal projects, through Mr Four Fingers, so we could only oblige when they told us their story. SkullF*cked is an independent brand hoping to sell quality screen-printed t-shirts and they are currently looking for funding through Kickstarter.

Here is a small caption from Kickstarter: “My goal was to have something to wear that I loved, wasn’t mass produced and had a hand made feel to it. I now want to share some SkullF*cking, but still sticking to the same values as when I printed only for myself. Hopefully this can lead to setting up my own print workshop where I can develop the SkullF*cked brand and continue the creation of lovingly hand crafted prints.”

Visit SkullF*ck’s Kickstarter page right here to back their worthy cause.