Skull T-shirts on Design By Humans

I have been following Design by Humans for awhile now and decided the other day to search in the skull t-shirts category. Man-o-man do they have  a shedload of skull designs. Designs by humans works on the premise that you, the public, enter designs for voting and then one design everyday (though I do think they vary this) get chosen for printing as the ‘daily winner’. They have also started a new Collection category where the they feature some of their top designers.

Below are a few of these wicked skull t-shirt so make sure you visit the Design by Humans website to have a gander at the rest.


Miss Monster  – Werewolf Skull $24

skull t-shirts miss monster


Wotto – Calavera 3 (3rd) $20

skull t-shirts wotto


Nicebleed – Rebirth $12
skull t-shirts Nicebleed


Dzeri29 – Pixel Skully $24

skull t-shirts pixel skully


Wotto – Calavera Twins $24

skull t-shirts wotto calavera twins


Barmalizer – Samurai Warrior £20

skull t-shirt barmalizer